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1 x SAEM Scooter    
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Reserve your SAEM now and get mobility and freedom with a whole new driving experience. SAEM - the new generation of scooters.
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SAEM's benefits

Extremely lightweight

SAEM defines new benchmarks for dimensions and weight. With only 6 kg weight, SAEM is as light as a feather and accompanies you with 55 cm total length on all your ways. Always by your side.


Fine wood and anodised aluminium as premium basic materials, regional high quality manufacturers, as well as the high focus on design make SAEM unique. Design meets function - so you can enjoy your SAEM for a long time.

Patented Comfort

Experience a lot of fun and narrow curves with the specially developed steering mechanism. The innovative folding mechanism and handle bar extension with automatic locking position ensure swift folding and unfolding with maximum comfort. Because freedom means instant mobility whenever you want.


15 km
6 kg
10 Nm
55 cm
Charging time
120 min
Made in Austria
01 / 04


Your last mile surfer. The final meters are yours. Take SAEM and open the throttle.

No matter where you get off

.. you go on instantly and reach comfortably reach your destination. Extremely lightweight and compact: The new developed vehicle concept with premium-quality materials enable maximum portability in your daily commute. SAEM is even applicable for carry on luggage (55x40x23cm) according to IATA guidelines. Always at your side.


Maximum power on board.

High acceleration

.. and prepared for slopes in the city. This is possible through the high-performance planetary gearbox and the fast rotating BLDC motor.

Brake & Energy Recuperation

Do not slow down. Unfortunately it has to be sometimes.

And if you want

.. you have the choice. Use the motor brake with your thumb or the mechanic brake located over the back wheels. Automatic energy recuperation is included in the electronic brake. Braking pays off.

Speed control

Most important - just move on. But still with a bit of control.

A comfortable acceleration

.. is important to us. Get your daily dose elsewhere. But honestly - with the thumb throttle you are defining your acceleration and SAEM automatically goes for it and controls the speed intelligently for you. Comfortable and quick at the same time. An algorithm based on state-of-the-art research.

Further features

Front & back light
Change the battery within seconds
USB-C port
3 wheels provide high stability
Maximum driving pleasure - lean into the turns